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Brookline High School


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Head of School - Anthony Meyer

Assistant Head of School - Hal Mason


Special Education Director BHS - Aida Ramos

Educational Team Facilitator (ETF) - Laura Albert

Educational Team Facilitator (ETF) - Coral Rondeau

Educational Team Facilitator (ETF) - Paula Shea

Educational Team Facilitator (ETF) - Liza Casel

Coordinator for Special Education (10-12) - April Zyriek

Guidance Department Chair - Darby Neff-Verre

Psychologist - TBD

Psychologist - Dr. Christen Fanelli

Psychologist - Jang Lee

Psychologist - Robin Toback

Winthrop House Coordinator - Sarah Ladner Apollo

Therapeutic Programs Coordinator - Jed Miller 

Alternative Choice Education (ACE) Program Coordinator - Amy Bayer

SEPAC Liaison - Victoria Saad Carroll, Faith Dantowitz

SEPAC Student Liaisons - TBD