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Florida Ruffin Ridley School

Contacts Coolidge Corner School (CCS): Image

We strive to give you up to date information and contacts.
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Principal - Jennifer Buller

Assistant Principal - Erin Burke

Assistant Principal - Saeed Ola

Assistant Principal - Steven Simolaris

Director of Special Education - Nadene Moll

Educational Team Facilitator (ETF K-3) - Melissa Lyons

Educational Team Facilitator (ETF 4-8) - Cecile Budlemann

Guidance - Jennifer Maylone

Guidance - Mary Murphy

Guidance - Jordana Spitz

Psychologist - Bob Babigian

Psychologist - Caitlin McCarthy

Social Worker - Amy Burch

Nurse - Heather McMullan

Nurse - Jana Young

SEPAC Liaisons - Dory Charles, Lori Preston, Sean Preston

Contacts Coolidge Corner School (CCS): List
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